09.05.17 | Blog Debrief, Week 1

With the bulk of the homework out of the way since this course is a repeat, I don't have as much to go over as I would otherwise, although I did make a post documenting the Throwie lab.

The project proposal (still a few weeks out) I'm considering most strongly at this point is doing something with software-based FM synthesis, but using physical hardware for the input and output (ex. a MIDI keyboard and the sounds returned), likely using an Arduino as a mediator. Software is generally my proficiency over hardware, and software-based synthesis is something I have a (tangential) familiarity with that would serve as a jumping-off point.

More specifically, I feel like it would give me a frame of reference that would allow me to establish some deadlines and content quantities while still being able to realistically meet them by the end of the semester compared to something less familiar or more ambitious. Some elements of the project would also be an extrapolation of the "noise…

08.30.17 | Documentation - Throwies

I don't have a ton to add outside of the pictures - it seems like everyone picked it up pretty quickly this semester. It feels like it took longer when I originally took the course, anyway.